Cons of Travertine Tile Flooring

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Just like many stone flooring, travertine is cold on your barefoot. On the other side, it's really great for heated floor systems. Once heated up it can heat up the room well or an excellent conductor.

It provides heavy flooring. Travertine tiles tend to be heavy and require a lot of time during installation. On another hand, it requires a professional installer and a very strong and stiff sub-floor to avoid flexing.

Travertine flooring requires complex maintenance. Whereas they are strong solid durable tiles, they still have microscopic pores that can allow spilled liquid to seep and stain the floor. Luckily, this can be solved by applying a penetrating sealer and surface barrier sealer.

Expensive flooring. Travertine lies in the high-end flooring. In addition to initial tile cost, it requires a professional installer, adhesives, and grout as well as a sealer.

Travertine is very reactive with acidic substances. Care needs to be taken to prevent, coffee, alcohol, vinegar, or even orange juice spills. Limestone is calcium carbonate and once they react with these they leave a permanent stain. Be careful if you have kids or you thought of using it in a kitchen or restaurant countertops.

Natural cleaning agents are usually better than chemical ones. However, you cannot use vinegar or salt on travertine flooring.

Travertine may lack uniformity. Each tile is unique from one another in appearance, color, veins, or even shades. This may require extra care when installing tiles on your floor.

Travertine tiles are only in neutral tones. Limestone is white in color, thus no shock when its derivatives are not available in funky or bright shades or colors.

Travertine though installed in similar ways as ceramic tiles pose some unique difficulties. Travertine material is very heavy thus requires a strong and stiff subfloor without excessive bowing and flexing.

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