Creating A Marble Tile Kitchen Countertop

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Many people that are thinking about remodeling their kitchen would love the look of a marble countertop in their kitchen, but believe that the cost of purchasing and having a marble countertop professionally installed is much too great for them to purchase one. There is a way for many people to create a marble countertop for their kitchen which incurring a great deal of expense or having to have the countertop professionally installed. Marble tiles are available that can be laid on a countertop surface to give the appearance of a beautiful marble kitchen countertop.

Marble is a popular material for kitchen countertops not only because it is a beautiful natural stone material, but because the properties of the marble make it a near perfect material for a kitchen countertop. Marble is naturally heat resistant and is water resistant when properly sealed. Marble is also easy to clean and if spills are wiped up quickly, the material will not stain.

When creating a marble tile kitchen countertop, it is very important that the surface that the marble tiles are being placed on is sturdy and is as rigid as possible to ensure that the tiles do not crack or bend when being placed on the countertop surface. If the surface is not rigid enough, the tiles will break under the pressure of sealing the tile to the countertop surface. Many of the different types of base cabinetry available at home improvement stores are study enough for the placement of marble tiles on the top.

The marble tiles for the marble tile countertop are placed using mortar just like ceramic tiles. The mortar is liberally applied to the surface of the countertop base in a thick layer to prepare the surface for the laying of the tile. The surface of the mortar will need to be smoothed with sandpaper to prepare the surface for the tiles.

The marble tiles will need to be laid one by one on the surface of the mortar and sealed with adhesive or epoxy to ensure a good seal. It is important to wait a few seconds between the placement of each tile to allow the previously laid tile to dry slightly, making sure that it will not shift when the next tile is laid. This will ensure that the tiles remain in straight lines when being laid.

After all the tiles have been laid on the marble tile countertop, the surface of the tiles will need to be cleaned and sealed for the protection of the tiles. Proper sealing has the ability to extend the life of the countertop by as many as ten years and keeps the counter looking new for much longer than if the counter had not been sealed. There are a number of different types of sealants available for use and the type that is used should depend on the properties of the marble tiles that were purchased.

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