Cultured Stone vs Natural Stone Veneers

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Natural stone and manufactured cultured stone are the two most popular stone veneers on the market. What is veneer stone? It's a thin layer of decorative stone most often used for feature walls and building facades but is not made to be load-bearing.

Natural stone veneer is created from real, quarried stone that is sliced into thin pieces or otherwise cut to fit the needs of your design. Natural stone veneer lives up to its name, as its textures, irregularities, and tonal variations give it a natural and rustic appearance. Natural stone was the only real option for these types of landscaping projects, until about 60 years ago when a cultured stone was first manufactured.

So what is cultured stone and how is a cultured stone made? Cultured stone is a man-made product that is created and designed to echo natural stone in appearance, but is lighter and therefore easier to install.

Its ingredients are concrete and aggregate materials pressed into molds. In order to mimic the look of natural stone and fit the design of your outdoor or indoor space, it is stained, sprayed, or painted in natural-looking colors and patterns. Though at first glance they might seem similar, there are a lot of factors to consider in the cultured stone vs real stone debate.

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