Cutting Stone Cutting Tool Diamond Circular Saw Blade

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Diamond saw blades are versatile cutting tools that are widely used for cutting a large variety of materials such as marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, building materials and many other abrasive materials.

Laser welded & silver brazed diamond blades are designed for professional users who require heavy duty and regular cutting of a wide range of hard and abrasive materials, such as building materials, asphalts, marble, granite, stones and so on.

Silver Brazed Diamond Blades
Silver brazed diamond blades are also known as high frequency welded diamond blades. The diamond segments and the steel core are rigidly welded together by silver brazing solders. The solders melt at a high temperature by a high frequency welding machine. Diamond segments of silver brazed diamond blades are replaceable, so they are more economical than the laser welded blades. Large sizes available only (usually from dia. 250mm).
The quality and life of a diamond blade usually depend on purpose of use.

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