DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL 500

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The DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL-500 is suitable for lifting and transporting glass elements of up to 500kg. This device can be use to install windows and large glass sheets with the aid of a forklift, counter balance crane or overhead hoist. On-board DC power systems provide cord-free operation at the job site. Movable vacuum pads and extension arms allow the DC Powered Vacuum Lifter - ARGL-500 to handle glass in nearly every size and shape.
Spring-loaded vacuum pads
Manual rotation of 360° with 45° step
Manual tilting by 90° in 15° grid
Removable arm - depth minimum 150mm
Integrated vacuum reservoir tank
Integrated instrumentation for monitoring the vacuum and the energy supply
Visual and audible warning devices
Self-contained 12-volt battery power supply with high capacity
Extension arms allow the handling of large-sized sheets
Adjustable arms

DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL 500 is Lifting and Handling Tools from Vietnam, welcome to buy DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL 500 with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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