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Turkey's Istanbul Mineral Association (IMIB), the nation-wide organization of the natural stone sector, has invested considerable efforts in design in the recent past. The main aim was to awaken the interest of young designers in natural stone as a material. 2014 saw yet another edition of the Natural Stone Design Competition - this time around split up in the categories ?Professionals“ und ?Students“. The competition was open to Turkish and Northern Cypriot residents as well as to new-comers Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

A total of 570 submissions entered the competition. The jury chose the best 10 for ?originality, production feasibility and use of stone“, according to the press release.

The awards were, as always, lavish: from Turkish Lira, TRY 20,000 (US-$ 7,600, € 7,200) to TRY 5,000 (US-$ 1,900, € 1,800), students were endowed with awards ranging from TRY 10,000 to TRY 2,500.

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