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Diamond Onyx

Category: Stone Colors - Onyx Colors Competitive Price   Price

Location: Iran 300 Views   Views

Material Type: Onyx 33 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Multicolor
Surface Finish: Polished

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Update Time: 2021/2/16
Shipping Port:
Minimum Order:  M2
Payment Terms: T/T

Packing Details: As per international norms, we pack our stone slab in directly iron A-Frame pallet, each slab is to
Delivery Ability: Our experienced logistic agents will give you the

Diamond onyx is eautiful and extraordinary onyx with alabaster-like appearance has crystalline textures that these crystals reflect light and make this stone doubly beautiful.

The stunning beauty of this stone will be appear in the installation of Bookmatch and Quadmatch and the lighting behind it.

Diamond Onyx is Onyx Colors from Iran, welcome to buy Diamond Onyx with good quality and price from Iran suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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