Different Types of Urns

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You may assume that there's only one type of urn, but they actually come in several sizes. Make sure you purchase the right-sized urn for your needs.

* Standard urn: According to the Cremation Association of North America, an industry-standard urn should hold 200 cubic inches of material. This size should be large enough to hold the cremains of an adult.

* Keepsake urn: Other urns have a smaller capacity. Keepsake urns are used for children or pets. They can also be used when family members divide ashes after cremation.

* Companion urns: Companion urns come in two types. The first is a single urn large enough to hold the cremains of two adults. The second is two separate urns designed to sit together on the same base.

* Jewelry urns: Some people want to carry a piece of their loved ones wherever they go. You can also have your loved one's cremains turned into art or a gem or diamond that can be used as a piece of jewelry or as a treasured keepsake. Eterneva specializes in diamond urns that transform a loved one's ashes or hair into a gorgeous, wearable diamond.

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