Electric Vacuum Lifter 20-10000kg

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The Electric Vacuum Lifter 20 - 10000 kg (AEVLP20-10000) is designed for lifting and moving of long and bulky steel panels. Sturdy and durable structure enable the AEVLP20-10000 work at large construction sites. Featuring adjustable suction cup beam for different sizes of panels. With the ideal length and sturdy structure, the lifter is the solution for safety and efficiency seekers.
Handling of long steel panels
Equipped with an electric cabinet-operated vacuum pump
Audio/visual alarm system
Vacuum reserve tank
Integrated handle for ease of control
Pressure control system automatically activated the vacuum pump once the vacuum loss occurred
Adjustable vacuum pads based on the panel size
Attach/release materials by ON/OFF buttons

Electric Vacuum Lifter 20-10000kg is Lifting and Handling Tools from Vietnam, welcome to buy Electric Vacuum Lifter 20-10000kg with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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