Feature of China Black Granite

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China black set the black as main tone, like the dark night sky. Super China black only has a handful of white spot, accounting for 5 on the surface , is as precious jade. Level 1 Chinese black (China black 2) white spot accounting for 5-10 with a few green point, as the dark night without the moon. Level 2 Chinese black (China black 3) white point accounting for 10-20 with a lot of green point, as the night with half moon.

The density of China black is high, which is a larger density granite in China. It is called “Steel of the Stone” in the stone industry. The procession is quite difficult, especially the cutting procession.

The waste of China black material is mineral resources. It is difficult to mine, which is covered a very thick white rock, mostly are irregular.

China black Wool board is not easily to cut. Since the high density, hardness, as well as the irregular shape, so it is not easy to process. Meanwhile, the density and the hardness determine the high brightness, which has great effect for the mirror.

The polishing finished product of China black is decorous, generous and pleasing to the eye. A good China black finished product is a rare works of art. What's more, the pure black could match so many colors, giving people the feel of sedate yet elegant.

It is usually recommended to be used for the kitchen countertops, skirting, and stairs and so on. More pictures, you could log in our website

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