Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment

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The Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment is designed to lift and lower sheet materials. The device combines with a vacuum lifter with a fork truck and remote control for handling diversified types of sheet, plate and large panels such as glass, stone, metal, concrete, plastics, timber and laminates.
Ability to turn 90 degrees through an electrically operated remote control
Vacuum pads can be easily adjusted
Pressure control system automatically activates vacuum pump once the pressure is lower than the allowed limit
Operated by an Australian Standard AS4991-2004 battery
Audio/visual safety system
Integrated with forklift through a safe chain system
Provides versatile lifting that is cost effective
More versatile than magnets and more productive than clamps or slings

Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment is Lifting and Handling Tools from Vietnam, welcome to buy Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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