Forklift Boom FB1 2720

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All Forklift Booms are made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel, AS1163-450 LO, which ensures strength, reliability and safety. The Forklift Booms complement the patented range of Aardwolf lifting clamps. The Forklift Boom FB1-2720 is a telescoping two-section rectangular tube steel boom for use on 2 tonne and 2.5 tonne forklift trucks. It offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.
Slip onto forks designed with fork pockets of 150x58mm. The fork pockets measure 366mm from centre to centre
Boom extension is designed so it cannot be pulled all the way out
The boom is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins

Forklift Boom FB1 2720 is Lifting and Handling Tools from Vietnam, welcome to buy Forklift Boom FB1 2720 with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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