G654 Sesame Grey Granite Tiles

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Main Color: Grey
Surface Finish: Bushhammered
Pattern Style:

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Here is the dimension for different products:
Slab Size: 2400*600mm, 2400*650mm,2400*700mm, 2500*1400mm
Kitchen Countertop Size: 96'X26', 98'X26',108'X26',110'X26', 96'X36', 96'X42' etc
Vanity Top Size: Length: 25',31',37',49',61',etc. Vanity Width: 22',22.5',23'.
Tile size: 150*600mm.300*600mm. 300*300mm.400*400mm. 600*400mm. 600*600mm.800*800mm or customer request

As one of the most professional manufacturers in China, we always provide our customers with best available materials for commercial and residential projects.

Chinese Granite: Bainbrook Brown G664, Tiger Skin White, G687, G614, G640, G654, G655, Juparana Wave, Pauline Grey, Golden Beach G682, Champange Gold, Guilin Red, Xili Red, Moss Green, Spray White etc.

Imported Granite: Uba Tuba, Santa Cecilia Light, Butterfly Blue/Green, Santa Cecilia Dark, Caledonia, Giallo Ornamental, Rose White, Black Galaxy, Blue Pearl, Giallo Fiorito, Black Cosmic etc.

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