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We are manufacturing Granite floating stone sphere water fountains in sizes 12 inches to 120 inches .Rolling ball fountains are available in Black, Gray, White, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Brown shade. Natural ball water feature made from world oldest Granite Rocks, Marble, Sandstone, Slate and Limestone.
Even though the ball weighs a massive 10000kg , even a small child can change the course of it and send it into an accelerated spin. There are no belts, pulleys or wheels used to make the ball spin. It is floating on water.

The Granite sphere fountain comprises two key elements: the ball itself and the socket it sits in. Cutting these two is a very complicated process as any large differences between the contours of them will prevent the ball from turning properly or sitting in the socket. The ball and base are machined at the same time to ensure any differences between them are minute.When finished and the ball is placed in the socket, the space between the two will be less than the thickness of a business card.

You can spin ball heavy weight 5 ton of granite!

You can spin the granite ball because it is floating on water. The water pressure is only about 3 pounds per square inch .in the gap between the ball and the cup. There are enough square inches for this pressure to hold up to tons weight of granite,marble or any stone.

Water is pumped up from beneath the socket. This lubricates the sphere and puts pressure on it, forcing it to turn gently. Once the ball has begun to revolve, it will continue to do so until the water is shut off. The sphere rotates on a film of pressurised water and its direction can be changed by the touch of a hand. The sphere floating 360 degrees in all directions and actually floats on a thin film of water. Once started, the ball continues to rolling until someone, even a child, stops it, changes the direction of its spin, or sets it on an accelerated twirl
The pressure of the pump in this exhibitis very very low, at 3 pounds per squareinch (psi). Other giant granite sphere operate at higher pressures, between 14 and 21 psi. This is in comparison to, for example, tyre pressure, which can be between 26 and 34 psi.

Floating globe water features fountains for residential and commercial complexes. Stone ball fountains low-maintenance center-pieces for public spaces and private residences, indoors and out. Large outdoor Stone sphere fountains for science city, olyampic grounds and childrens parks. If your are interested or buy Giant granite sphere fountain 1 meter to 2 meter email us for special pricing.

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Rotating globe fountains 40cm to to 250cm in diameter mystify, attract and enthrall visitors. These beautiful stone balls, sculpted of highly polished granite, are precision engineered to float on a thin layer of water. Rolling ball water features are necessary for the long life and perfect operation of your granite ball fountain. The space between the granite sphere and the socket is about 8/1000th of an inch-too small Any motif or design can be engraved. Has a granite ball floating on a pressurized stream of recirculated water. This rotating globe is recommended for use in main entrances, shopping centers, gardens, etc. A Kugel is a heavy ball perfectly balanced on a base that matches its curvature. A water source creates a thin film of water beneath the ball. This water creates a lubricant allowing a small child to spin a several thousand pound ball of stone. Kids love pushing these huge several thousand pound balls. several kids trying to get it spinning. Sometimes they will keep spinning even without anybody pushing on them because of their mass and balance. you can buy directly from us. Just fill inquiry form for prices, photos & videos of spinning marble balls . A multitude of styles and shapes are available for bases and containers, including self-contained fountains. The sphere fountain or kugelburnnen Decorate Backyard gardens,outdoor landscape gardend ,main lobbies ,hotel reception areas, residential home , and outdoor applications such as water parks, office buildings, and restaurants. These Natural Stone ball fountains are available with granite ,sandstone,slate,limestone or marble rotating spheres beginning at 10″ in diameter to giant stone balls 8 feet or more with square, Round, Hexagonal, Rock and Natural boulder bases available to meet your special needs. if you want to buy ball fountains, Rolling globe, floating globe, rotating globe, revolving globe or spinning globe email us for prices.

Granite Ball Fountain is Stone Fountain from India, welcome to buy Granite Ball Fountain with good quality and price from India suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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