Granite Cobbles: Natural Cobblestones For Landscaping

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Natural granite cobbles on-mesh available in interlocking patterns. The range of cobblestones features three different surface finishes: split and tumbled, flamed and split. As these cobbles come on-mesh, the labour-saving costs on installation compared to individually laid cobblestones is considerable. The new range of granite paving comprises seven other patterns, including fan-shaped cobbles, basket weave, hexagon, diamond, chevron, droplets , random pave, a popular range of natural stone cladding (stacked stone) and crazy paving.


The unmatched strength of natural granite stone and its natural splendour make these cobbles on-mesh the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor areas such as driveways, pathways, entranceways, patios and courtyards. In all types of gardens, as well as indoor applications, this range of cobbles is bringing texture, style, colour, design versatility and durability thus offering you a great landscaping stone solution.

Colours and Finishes

The range of granite paving consists of 8 natural granite colours - light grey, yellow, dark grey, putian black, pink quartz, putian red, apricot and biscuit. The cobbles on-mesh are available in putian red, light and dark grey, yellow granite, putian black and pink quartz.granite countertops


The granite cobbles on-mesh are available in a standard size of 55 x 50 x 3cm.

General Advantages

The cobbles come on mesh with interlocking patterns allowing for quick and easy installation. Natural granite stone is very resilient and durable. The look of natural granite cobbles cannot be copied by man-made products. Cobble stones can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Cobbles can complement most designs.

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