Gray Granites to Consider for Your Countertops

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The term “gray granite” might suggest a somewhat dull selection, but nothing could be further from the truth. Within the category of gray granite countertops there is arguably more diversity of color and figuring than with any other type.

It is true that many are subtle, and their neutral character makes them easy to match with many different decorative styles. That said, they can also be bright and dramatic. Within gray granites there are soft, smoky patterns, others tinged with green that appear almost like moss, and still others with strong veining.

Within gray granites there are blues, pinks, blacks, greens, silvers, and golds. They can be anything from mellow and warm to bright and reflective. “Gray” is a much-too-simple word for them.

1. Bianco Antico

“Bianco” is actually Italian for “white,” but this Brazilian-sourced granite has a definite soft-gray background. Overall appearance can vary from light to medium depending on density. It is frequently chosen to pair with traditional white kitchen cabinets.

On closer inspection, Bianco Antico can have striking veining running through it, which almost seems to crackle. Visual texture can change considerably across a slab, so samples are not always representative. it is important to see the whole piece. Soft-brown inclusions sometimes give an overall pinkish hue. It may also have quartz crystals embedded in the surface, giving reflective highlights.

Bianco Antico is a mid-priced granite. It can be polished, honed, or leathered, each of which has its particular appeal, broadening its versatility still further.

Key Characteristics: A very popular granite for countertops, Bianco Antico goes particularly well with traditional bright and airy kitchens. Inclusions are gray, with occasional browns.

2. Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda is unique in that it is quarried in three different locations: Iran, Italy, and Brazil. Several suppliers claim the Iranian version is the “true” Costa Esmeralda. We have also seen the Italian product described as “Iran Green Granite.”

While classified as a gray granite, Costa Esmeralda has a pronounced green tinge. It may also have pale gray, green, or gold veins. Like Bianco Antico there can be considerable variation in patterning, so samples are rarely representative. Being natural stone, every piece of granite is unique, but the difference is more pronounced with Costa Esmeralda than with many others.

Despite its unusual coloring, Costa Esmeralda is not especially expensive, usually falling into the upper midrange price bracket.

Key Characteristics: Typically used with light-colored kitchens, Costa Esmeralda can also be successfully paired with woods like cherry. The overall greenish hue can be veined with light gray, gold, or darker green.

3. New Caledonia

New Caledonia granite, quarried in Brazil, has a mottled appearance that is quite subtle at a distance but can have greater interest close up, depending on its color. While patterning is random, it is fairly dense and a consistent size across the surface. It pairs well with light wood or pale painted cabinetry.

While New Caledonia granite is quite often a collection of different grays and black, it can also incorporate many other colors. russets and browns are common. Sometimes the dispersal makes these appear lighter. It's not unusual to find pinkish tones which can color whole granite slabs.

The versatility of New Caledonia granite makes it a very popular choice, yet perhaps surprisingly it comes with a budget price tag. This makes it one of the best value granites for kitchen countertops.

Key Characteristics: New Caledonia granite has random speckling, yet the density makes it appear quite uniform. Inclusions are usually various grays, though browns and reds may also appear.

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