Green Sukabumi Stone

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Stone Type: Quartzite 56 Likes   Likes

Stone Color: Green

Surface Finish: Machine-Cut

Grade A- Bali Green Stone Sukabumi Quartzite Pool Coping, Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Pavers, Bali Sukabumi Green Stone - Bali Green Sukabumi Stone - Premium Quality
Premium Quality of Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles is not only unique Natural Stone Pool Tiles but also non-slip swimming pool tiles. This natural stone makes your pools very elegant. Use this product for outdoor swimming pool tiles.
Finishing: Honed and Split Face.

Premium Quality Cuttting Tolerance (Callibrated):
- Thickness +/- 1 mm
- Squarring: +/- 1 mm

Available in Cut to Size (mm):
- 100x100
- 100x200
- 150x150
- 200x200
- 300x300
Thickness: Tiles 10 mm

Green Sukabumi Stone is Quartzite Colors from Indonesia, welcome to buy Green Sukabumi Stone with good quality and price from Indonesia suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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