Handmade Terracotta Tiles

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Stone Color: Red

Surface Finish: Others

As buyers requirement I make various size of tiles.

Types of Tiles:
Square Tiles, Rectangle Tiles, Roof Tiles, Hexagonal Tiles

Size of Tiles:
10x10x1.0 CM
10x10x1.5 CM
10x10x2.0 CM
12x24x2.0 CM
13x26x5.0 CM
14x28x2.0 CM
15x15x1.0 CM
15x15x2.0 CM
16x16x2.0 CM
17x17x2.0 CM
18x18x2.0 CM
15x30x1.0 CM
15x30x2.0 CM
15x30x2.3 CM
15x30x2.5 CM
15x30x3.0 CM
15x30x4.0 CM
15x30x5.0 CM
16x10x2.0 CM
16x48x3.0 CM
16x32x2.5 CM
18x36x2.5 CM
20x10x2.0 CM
20x20x1.5 CM
20x20x2.0 CM
21x21x2.0 CM
22x22x2.0 CM
23x23x2.0 CM
20x20x2.5 CM
21x21x2.5 CM
22x22x2.5 CM
23x23x2.5 CM
20x40x2.5 CM
22x11x3.0 CM
25x25x2.0 CM
30x30x2.0 CM
30x30x2.5 CM
34x34x3.0 CM
30x08x2.0 CM
25x05x2.0 CM
25x05x3.0 CM
25x08x2.0 CM
25x12x2.0 CM
24x08x2.0 CM
25x50x3.0 CM
35x35x3.0 CM
38x20x3.0 CM
40x40x2.5 CM
50x50x3.0 CM

Handmade Terracotta Tiles is Roof Tiles from Bangladesh, welcome to buy Handmade Terracotta Tiles with good quality and price from Bangladesh suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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