Himalayan Blue Granite

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Himalayan blue granite has been extensively used in construction related activities. This popular variety has been used in development of old monuments across the world. Its natural aesthetic appeal has the ability to bring in its own special energy into the mix. It is considered one of the most outstanding south Indian granite varieties.

It has dark brown background with blue shade and orange colored wavy pattern that can be used in many different settings. It is up to the imagination of the designer or an architect to use this amazing variety to their advantage. The creative imagination brings this world into its true light.

It has a wavy look that gives a soothing touch to the surroundings. Architects use this inherent attribute with their designs to bring our desired results when they create 3D graph of what the site will look like after construction. This helps the owners make the right decision before they invest money into it. It is essential to have the right information for making correct buying decisions.

Product Standardization:

The version has a moment variation that sets it apart from the rest of the batch. It is in limited supply, which makes it a bit on the higher range. When you compared the natural differences then you will see that it is worth it. Further, it also has small orange patch moment variation that is typically used by homeowners for beautifying living space. Depending on the design, this version can completely transform a living area with its beautiful energy.

Quarry area: Karnataka, South-West India

Quarry numbers: 3

Products available: tiles, slabs, monuments

We are ready to work on the special needs of your project and we can modify our processes to match the specifications provided. The company is one of the leading exporters of Himalayan Blue granite in India.

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