How Does the Quartz Countertop Installation Process Work?

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Fabrication: This is a delicate process that involves choosing the perfect slab of quartz stone to cut to size. Followed by shaping the stone with a template and applying the chosen edging, etc.

Leveling: Before any installation is done, there is quality checks the installer will need to do and that's making sure the cabinets are perfectly level and can support the added weight of the stone.

Adding supports: Sometimes there isnt enough adequate support around dishwashers, trash draws, sinks, etc. to support the additional weight. The contractor will then add what is need for a secure and safe install.

Seam jointing: This is a process where to intersecting pieces are joined together - this is done when you have the typical "L shape" kitchen counter. Seams are joined together by epoxy sealant.

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