How to Install Cultured Marble Countertops

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Installing cultured marble countertops is budget-friendly and fairly easy to do. It is also a better option when it comes to ease of maintenance compared to tiles. There is no grout to clean. it is almost maintenance free.

Things You'll Need:
Cultured marble countertops (pre-fabricated)
Sledge hammer for demolition of old countertop
Silicone caulk adhesive

Step 1:
Measure the areas of coverage. Use a carpenter's measuring tape and get the measurement of the length and width. Decide if you will be installing a one piece with the sink pre-fabricated or if you would install the sink separately.

Step 2:
Order your cultured marble from the home improvement center or cultured marble manufacturers.

Step 3:
Remove the old countertop and sink leaving the cabinet intact unless you are planning on replacing the base cabinets as well. Plan your demolition a couple of days before you install your new cultured marble countertops. Do not remove old sink and countertop until you receive your shipment of the new countertop and sink, especially if you are still using the original one daily.

Step 4:
Slide the countertop in place without any glue. See if it fits snugly. It may be necessary to trim the countertops to fit into the area that is not perfectly square. Use a belt sander to remove the excess marble.

Step 5:
Add the back splash and make sure that it also fits tightly against the back wall. Make the necessary adjustment if the area is not perfectly square or if you see gaps.

Step 6:
After the checking that all corners and sides are snug, it is time to glue the materials. Use 100 clear silicone caulk adhesive. Clear silicone adhesives are sticky and will not discolor on light cultured marble. Avoid using dark colored adhesives for they may show through the cultured marble once they dry. Before applying the adhesives, wipe off the dust from the back of the marble with rubbing alcohol. Clean excess adhesives that may have ended up on the marble.

Step 7:
Do not use until after 8 hours had passed to ensure that the countertop will settle evenly on top of the base cabinet.

Step 8:
Clean the countertop with damp cloth and water. Cultured marbles are easy to clean, avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning to prevent scratches.

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