How to Transport Granite Countertops

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Once installed, granite countertops, they are almost indestructible, but in transport, granite is very fragile. Most granite shops provide installation services, including transportation. Property owners can save their own money to install the counter. With the right equipment and preparation transporting granite can be effortless.

Granite is a rigid, natural stone. When the appropriate support, which is strong, to resist against. Cupboard under the counter to provide equal support to spread the weight evenly. Without this support, granite is easy to be cracks. Like glass, granite is the vertical transportation advantage. If the flat granite, it may hit bumps in the road.

To support the stone, professional installers use the A - frame, in the letter 'A-shaped wooden structure' of the leaning tower of 'A:' It even support the slopes of granite. A frame 2 '¡Á 4' Krupp built with 10-degree angle. Support for horizontal and vertical connections 2 A time-frame and to provide a fixture and held in place with a granite surface. In the truck the bottom of an A-frame, place, can be used for a large kitchen enough to granite. However, the smaller A-frame can be established for a van, SUV, or trailer. Many granite shops A refundable deposit deadlines and fixtures available for sale.

Most granite countertops with a sink hole. The installation system, which is the most common, the need for polishing the insurance switch is used for the transport security. However, other paper-cut is easy to hit. Cook tops, delivery tablets and faucet holes may crack down on the road. To do this, your granite shop may recommend that you reduce these vulnerabilities at the installation site.

For small bathroom vanity tops, there may not be the transport of granite frame. The same principle applies: granite must be perpendicular to the rough edge and must be maintained in place. Stay in a flat, even surface of the bottom edge. If possible, lay down rear seats. In small trucks and SUV, one of the rear seat passengers can be put down, while the remaining seats to support surfaces.

As the issue of liability, granite shops are often unable to load into your vehicle granite. Two people can do most of the counters, so you should bring their friends to help load. As in the car, should be vertical granite. Elevator at the same time to ensure that both ends and even support. Only after a careful examination of granite into your car. Once the leave the store counter, they become the responsibility of the owner.

Home installation is a do it yourself to save money, granite counters in a good way. With the A-frame, clamps, and the appropriate vehicle that can transport the granite countertops did not trouble the owners.

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