How to select Stone Carving Tools

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Stone carving is a long, arduous process involving many tools. Each of the tools performs a different function. In many of the later stages of carving, each subsequent tool erases the marks made by the previous tool. The shape, size and hardness of the stone you are using will help determine which tools you select for your work. There are many more carving tools on the market than any one person will need to use for a single project. Try out a variety of tools and methods of carving to find out what works best for you.

Things You'll Need:
Gloves, Files, Pitching tool, Carbide-tip tool set, Power saw, Hand saws, Chisels, Goggles, Rasps, Pneumatic hammer or chisel, Dust mask, Steel hammer, Ear plugs.


1. select a saw that is appropriate for your stone type to remove large portions of excess rock. Harder stones such as granite and marble usually require power saws. A smaller hand saw, such as a keyhole or coping saw, can be used for softer materials such as alabaster and soapstone.

2. Choose a pitching tool with a hammer to rough out your piece of stone. This is the process of cutting away big pieces of rock. The heavier your stone is, the heavier your hammer should be. Most hammers used for stone carving are made of steel and weigh 2 to 4 pounds.

3. Add several types of chisels to your tool collection. There are point, flat and tooth chisels of different sizes. Each performs a different function, so experiment to find the one that best suits your technique, your design and the original shape and size of your stone.

4. Experiment with various grades of rasps and files. Files are also sometimes called rifflers. The coarser the grade is, the larger the teeth are. Harder stones may require a coarse file for the first smoothing while softer stones may start with a finer grade.

5. select a carbide-tipped hand tool set including chisels, files and rasps for granite carving. You probably will need power tools like pneumatic hammers or chisels as well. Granite is the hardest type of rock and needs the heaviest duty tools available.

Tips & Warnings

Stone carving tools are meant to be used with one long stroke in one direction only. If you move the tools back and forth in both directions (up and down for example), the blades will dull very quickly.

Always wear protective clothingeye goggles, ear plugs, dust masks and gloveswhenever you are carving stone. Be sure you have ample ventilation in your work area.

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