Huian Stone Carving

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On 9th November, the first Huian Sculpture Art Fair is held in "the City of Chinese Stone Carving"- Huian, which showed thes of stone carving, wood carving and jade carving.

The stone carvings of Huian have been famous in the field, especially the garden carving, many antique stone pillars and memonial arch in famous cultural city are from HuiAn people. After several years’ development, it emerged a number of enterprises which is strong and understand the culture, such as the Leiyi, Gongrong Stone, Haoxiang group, which are the representative enterprise.

Renhuichuan, the office director of the exposition said that the stone carving in Huian is famous in home and abroad, we would like to hold a distinctive exhibition , really serve the enterprise. Nowadays, the government greatly supports the enterprises, actively organize the enterprises to develop in the north market.

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