Ideas for Mosaic Stepping Stones

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Mosaic stepping stones add a personal touch and a burst of color to your landscaping. Cast your own stepping stones with reusable fiberglass molds, or decorate premade stones with items such as glass tiles, mirrors or glass vase fillers. Lay out your materials in the empty mold or on top of the premade stone and draw a rough map of your final design before you open the cement mix or grout. Mosaic stepping stones with little room between the pattern pieces will be slippery when wet, so be careful when stepping on them after rain.

Small Glass Tiles

Create an inlaid mosaic pattern using small glass tiles. If you are making multiple stepping stones and like a lot of color in your landscaping, consider using a different color scheme for each stepping stone on your path. Mix square or round mirror tiles into the pattern for a sparkling effect.

Shaped Stones

Cast your own stepping stone using a fiberglass mold in the shape of a sunflower, heart or butterfly. Emphasize the shape by outlining the edge with colored glass vase fillers, then fill in the interior with glass tile or more vase fillers.

Broken Glass

Break up old slate tiles, wine bottles, cracked china or flea-market pottery to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic stepping stone. Wrap the material in an old bath towel so the pieces do not scatter, and break them up with a hammer. Use tile nippers to shape smaller pieces. Mix and match textures and colors for an eclectic look.

Footprints and Handprints

Make your children's footprints and handprints the centerpiece of a mosaic stepping stone to add a personalized, portable addition to your landscaping. Have the child press a hand or foot into the center of the wet cement, then design your mosaic pattern around the print, using small pieces of glass tile or glass vase fillers. Make a number in the mosaic pattern to reflect the child's current age if you make a new stone each year to document growth. Consider making multiple stepping stones as gifts for grandparents.

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