Indian Granites vs Chinese Granites

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There are lots of countries involved in the process of granite quarrying, processing, and exporting. India and China are two big players in the international natural stone market. Both countries produce granite in multiple colors and finishes. In Eastern China, places like Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong are known for quarrying granite in bulk. Like China, India also has lots of quarries and processing units in Chennai, Bangalore, and Rajasthan. A variety of granite stones supplied by granite wholesalers and producers in China and India are not the same. Let's check out where both the stone types stand in the competitive market.

All granite wholesalers and producers from India, Brazil, and China offer a wide variety of granite products. Following is a comparison between popular India granite and China granite on the basis of selective features:

Granite strength and durability of stone: The prime reason why granite is selling like a hot cake is the long-lasting ability of the stone. The Chinese granite is cheap and comes with a natural crack called 'hairline' crack. Onlookers can't detect this crack with naked eyes. Any granite having a 'hairline' crack is called weak granite. Granite wholesalers and exporters also deal in cheap and good quality granite.

Color richness and elegance: The good granite is defined by the element of beauty and rich colors. India offers many vibrant colors like gold, brown, beige, and jet black. All granite buyers can demand zero-defect quality black galaxy, Alaska gold, Bianco gold, black pearl, and imperial gold colors. Brazil also delivers good quality gold colored granite.
Luster and defects: Granite is valuable when it maintains its shine even after a decade. China supplies pale, dull, and cheap granite. China lies in a highly seismically active area, and the granite quarried from this area comes with vents and cracks. It is said that some granite wholesalers in China apply oil on slabs in order to hide natural defects of the stone.

Sound effect and wear and tear: The finest quality ebony black granite from India is hard and dense in color. On tapping this stone, you hear a 'ringing sound' whereas Chinese granite produces a 'thud' sound as it is less dense. The density of Indian stone ensures that it is not going to wear easily when compared to Chinese stone.

Staining: Chinese granite, being a porous and water absorbent material, stains very easily. Among high-risk granite from China, Abbey Grey is very common. While buying, make sure you ask your granite wholesaler for a coin-scratch test.

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