Indonesia Scoria Basalt Stone

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Main Color: Black
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Natural

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Update Time: 2019/8/5
Shipping Port: Surabaya, Indonesia
Minimum Order: 1 Ton
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, PayPal

Packing Details: PP PP woven Bag and placed inside the wooden crate
Delivery Ability: 25 days

Indonesia Black Scoria Rock - Indonesia Black Scoria Rock Supplier

Being an extrusive igneous rock, Scoria come as a differs vesicular volcanic rock from pumice.
Scoria is type of highly vesicular basalt with dark colored volcanic rock.

Black Scoria Rock mainly composed of glassy fragments and also may contain phenocrysts.
In fact, Black Scoria composition also have similar typically with Basalt and andesite stone.

Scoria is relatively low in density because has the ratio of density greater than 1 and sinks in water.

As a volcanic rock with low in density, Scoria is a good decoration stone for landscaping garden.
This porous rock have good role used as pathway material which have great ability to absorb the water.

Why Choose Us ?

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Start with selecting the best raw material and qualified according to customer request, every stones we produce also already enter the production and inspecting process by our experts team.

We often supplies Scoria into Australia, the biggest Scoria rock suppliers in Adelaide.

Deion Product

Product name : Indonesia Black Scoria Rock
Height : 12 - 15 cm
Diameter Hole : 1.5 cm
Deep Hole : 1.5 cm
Application : landscaping, garden bed topping, pathway material
Packaging: PP woven Bag and placed inside the wooden crate

If you need any further assistance in your project design, please kindly contact us.

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Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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