Install Slate Tiles on a Wall

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Slate tile is a natural, reasonably priced building material that can give your walls a distinctive and beautiful appearance. Applying slate to a vertical wall is a project that can be performed by diligent homeowners who don't mind doing some planning, using some elbow grease and getting a little messy.
Instructions as follows:

Firstly, determine the size and pattern of the layout. Slate tiles are available in a variety of different sizes, including 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch and 24-inch squares. On a vertical surface, you generally won't want to go larger than 12 x 12-inch tiles.

Tile can be laid out straight or set on a diagonal. In addition, your layout could use a variety of different sizes. For example, you could do the bulk of the wall with 12 x 12-inch tiles set on a straight line, with a band of 6 x 6-inch tiles set diagonally.

Secondly, if you can, draw your complete layout. Graph paper can be very helpful for this project. Seeing the plan drawn out on a piece of paper is good for determining the amount of material you will need, and where your cuts will fall. In addition, it helps you visualize the finished project, and determine whether or not the layout you are planning in your head will really look good on the wall.

Thirdly, find your center line: When you start tiling, you should find the center line and lay out your tiles accordingly from there. The center line can either dissect your center tile, or it can mark the grout joint between two tiles. decide which pattern you like best.

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