Introduction of Quartz Stone

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Quartz stone are in a vacuum under the conditions of natural quartz crystal mine manufactured large-sizes, is a new type of high-grade environment-friendly decorative surfaces to replace natural and traditional man-made stone, are widely used in various aspects of the decoration. Quartz-stone up to 93 of natural quartz crystals as the main raw material, quartz crystal itself is crystal clear, bright, beautiful colors, luxurious, high hardness, non-deformation, non-discoloration, toughness and strong, non-radioactive, acid and other natural features. Would you be interested in itsion flow, well, here we go!

1, Quartz Stone raw materials selection
The engineers looking for high-quality quartz minerals and other additives, in the procurement at the same time, spare no effort to assists to enhance the quality and craftsmanship, strict demands on the quality, and continue to study a variety of new quartz mineral, to ensure compatibility with the annual quartz stone the development of new designs.

2, purification and mixing of quartz-stone raw materials
Particle size of a variety of quartz mineral by the purification device to remove impurities and pure, then deliver it into a giant mixing tower, step by step to the mineral and other additives evenly mixed. Does not contain impurities in the quartz stone material and uniform mixing, quartzs are the fundamental guarantee for defect-free.

3, Quartz stone will be thick molding
Ratio of materials and mixed well into the large-scale molding machine, the computer induction from fixed equipment on thick quartz embryo formation materials and precise adjust thickness, molding placed directly on belt conveyors, each only forming a sheet.

4, vacuum die casting
Quartz stone forming embryo material at die-casting machine with precisely controlled by a computer throughout the process, equipment will be the air gap of mineral row to close to vacuum, the formation of ore, slag, and other additives accumulation among the most closely by the experienced quality track and monitor the entire process control engineer. Each specification will be very large quartz slab for the vacuum die-casting material used to protect the dense and non-porous, plate-size the greater the process more complex.

5, Quartz stone surface polishing
At automated roller conveyor line quartz stone slab was slow-moving, through 30 group from the coarse-to-fine polishing head. Under high-speed rotation, combined with cooling water and many different abrasive, quartz stone surface has been polished into a special deal with shiny mirror effect. Nande quartz stone texture depth and texture the surface treatment which fully demonstrated.

6, Total Quality Detect
Polishing the surface of each piece to complete the deal with quartz slab, through the transmission lines will be entering the final quality control inspection of the surface brightness, pores or other types of defects for the whole of each inspection. Comprehensive quality inspection to eliminate defects in the quartz stone has left the Factory.

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