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Kerman White Onyx

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Main Color: White
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Machine-Cut

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Update Time: 2015/10/14
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Kerman White Onyx Deion:
Kerman White Onyx is a white coloured onyx stone, with some clear beige/orange and grey coloured areas. It is considered a white onyx but, in fact, most of its mass is composed by some other colour.

This is a typical onyx stone, which presents a very cloudy and non-uniform background and structure. It can be presented cross cut or vein cut.

Recommended Applications:
Kerman White Onyx is mostly recommended for very special projects, such as specific interior wall cladding (with backlight), interior decoration applications or even bath design.

WebPhoto_810 White_Onyx_padestal_sink_by_European_Onyx ivory_white_onyx_4x4

Kerman White Onyx is Onyx Colors from Iran, welcome to buy Kerman White Onyx with good quality and price from Iran suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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