Kur TK100 Diamond wire cutting machine

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Stone Color: Multicolor
Surface Finish: Machine-Cut

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1-Main Engine: 75 kw-100hp/1000rpm380V
2-Starting System: Inverter
3-Movement Engine:0.75 kw-1 hp/1500 rpm 380 V
4-Movement System: Racks - Gear
5-Movement control: PLC Control
6-360 Setting engine: 1.5 kw - 2 hp/1500 rpm 380 V
7-360 Setting system control: switch
8-X-Y Movement system engine: 0,75 kw-1hp/1500rpm 380 V
9-X-Y Movement system control: switch
10- X-Y Movement system setting: Automatic
11-X-Y Movement System Distance: 2.8 meters
12-Main Flywheel diameter: 900 mm
13-Aux. Flywheel diameter: 500 mm
14-Wire rotating capacity:200m/travertine - 250 m/beige
15-Wire rotating speed: 0-45 m/sec
16-Cutting speed: 35-50 m2/h travertine - 20-30 m2/h
17-Rail Length: 2 pieces of 3 meter
18-Total machine weight: 3150 Kgs

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