Marble VS Granite Memorials

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Deciding and choosing which is better tombstone marble or granite is all your personal choice. As all stones can get weathered due to various chemicals and physical processes. Marbles get weathered easily and start to develop cracks if the headstone is located in an open area. In contrast, granite generally has much harder material used in it that lasts longer than marble and can withstand rain and wind with little effect on the monument. The lettering will also remain legible in granite headstones so you can continue to honor your loved one's memory for generations. Choosing a headstone is a deeply personal choice. If you are looking for a white structure that stands out from the rest material, then marble is the ideal choice for it. If you want the headstone to have intricate engravings and want it to last forever, then granite is a suitable choice for headstone. A headstone is to pay tribute to your loved ones and it is important to choose a material that will stand with the test of time. Choosing granite will ensure the memory of your lost one lasts for a very long time. If you're seeking a standout structure without much detailed carving, then marble might be the ideal choice. If you want intense detail that will withstand the elements, then granite is the better option.

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