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Marble factory for sale with 23 million Egyptian or one million and 350 thousand dollars Fakk - Payment one time to cut the serpent - Tora - Cairo - 5000 meters Maintenance price 3500 g per meter and no - Machines Italian-made production date 2007 - And 6 head for calibration and processing ovens for tables 77 meters - Saw cut to blocks to 80 panels - 3 machines Freeze cutting boards to slabs or stairs by size Automatic - Water treatment plant Filter Press and Sailon - Number 2 Mnavilu blocks - Winch Payload 7 tons and ground winch 60 tons - fully equipped amber - electricity and workshops for maintenance and Kmbrosirat

Marble factory for sale is Used Stone Machines from Egypt, welcome to buy Marble factory for sale with good quality and price from Egypt suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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