Mexican sandstone sculpture

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According to local museum in Mexican,sculpture has a history over 2000 years old.The main images in the sculpture are around the themes of divinity and religious figures portrayed in ceremonial postures.Mexican is widely used the sandstone to sculptures.Mexican sandstone sculpture has known throughout the world.Goddess is portrayed on his knees, and God is portrayed in a sitting position, in front of the chest to develop their own gaze in contemplation of the knee to capture faces of. Claws, fangs, hair, such as the characteristics of animals, and sometimes added as an object of worship symbols. These same qualities and aspects, in today's stone.You can add the intricate details in carving the stones.Study of human and animal Aztec gods and goddesses of the traditional deion, create your own design. The best is more common these figures depict the first work, and you feel how Mexican art style carved stone.Work gradually around the mark to the basic form of stone surface design framework. If your final image is the human form, to make up for such tracking, lines and curves, face, torso, hands, and knees. This way, when you complete the track map position.As a chisel on stone, chips using claws deeper into the surface of the image set. Soften or round edges. Pick out the design details, especially in the face, and add further details, in an attempt to use flint or claws. These tools let you design and carving small details of the complex. Washed off the dust, stone chips and powder.

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