Micro crsytal exterior wall tiles

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Stone Color: White
Surface Finish: Polished

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Special feature:
(1) High performance: even texture and high density, crush resistant, anti-bending and
high impact resistant
(2)Special glass features such as fine texture, shiny surface and light reflection effect
(3)Rich colors and a wide application range: various colors per customers' requirements
(4)With stable chemical characteristics: acid-proof alkalinity and anti-corrosion
(5)Pollution-resistance and easy maintenance: water absorption 0.02 and high resistance age
(6) Heat-bend reformation (made for special shaped slabs)
(7)No radioactive and toxic elements, the safest and most environmental

Application: interior and exterior decoration of star-level hotels, reception desks, subways, airports,
hospital, leisure clubs, exclusive stores, local landmark buildings, office building and high-level home decoration such as ideal surface countertops for kitchen and bathroom etc

Micro crsytal exterior wall tiles is Crystallized Glass from China, welcome to buy Micro crsytal exterior wall tiles with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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