Mushroom Bali Green Stone

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Stone Color: Brown
Surface Finish: Mushroom

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Bali Green it very good for elegant wall. The wall become look eksprensive with compare garden.

You can building in (indoor) room, in lobby hotel, mall.

At the surface of the stone, there are a collection of small stone patterns and large. There is color green, moss green, dark green, brown, blue and gray. This stone is very popular for use mounted in a stone pool because it is very beautiful when mounted in the pool because it keeps the water in the pool looks more clear.

Dark green color of the reflected Bali Green Stone has its own exotic value. In addition it is also suitable if the stones in pairs on the edge of the pool combined with other stones such as Lava Stone.

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Mushroom Bali Green Stone is Wall Stone from Indonesia, welcome to buy Mushroom Bali Green Stone with good quality and price from Indonesia suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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