Plastic Multi-Wire for Granite Slab Cutting

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1. Wire Application:
·Suitable for cutting different kinds of granite slabs.
·Cutting different sizes of slabs.
·Suitable for multi-wire saw of 2-78 wires as a group.

·High efficiency in cutting granite slabs, with very smooth surface.
·Injecting endless diamond wire is applied to lower wire broken off.
·Strong cable with very little distortion effectively reduces mutual interference between the closed-loop wire during cutting.

3. Wire Specifications:
Bead Diameter(mm):6.3/7.3/8.3
Application:Granite Slabs
Coating:High strength plastic

4.Advance of our diamond wire:
Produced under the most advanced automatic production line, selected Germany steel wire rope and adopted the latest production technology and unique technique, our diamond wire has the advantages as follows:
a. Rarely breakage ratio during cutting therefore increase working lifetime.
b. Automatic production ensures stable quality and performance.
c. Safe,high efficiency and environment protection.
d. We supply different diamond wire according to different usage.

5.Packaging & Shipping
Packaging: PVC Shrinking Belt+Master Carton
Meters/Roll: Per customer specification
Shipment: By Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL, By Air, or By Sea.
Estimated Time of Delivery: 1- 2 Weeks

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