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Polished Book Headstone With Tassel

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Material Type: Granite 180 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Black
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Polished

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Update Time: 2016/6/17
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Polished Book Headstone With Tassel product is special polished surface, used quite a lot for the markets from all over the Britain customers for their local cemetery, they like the black book headstone design very much in order to show their respects and their feelings for the deceased and their beloved people.

There are many other colors and dimension for your choice, We can supply you other British headstone in different shape with special unique design in varied finished surface to satisfy your requirement.

The specification for 18''x24''x3'' for black book headstone with tassel on it , which is 27''x14''x4'' for base, 12''x5''x2'' for support back.

Polished Book Headstone With Tassel is European Style Tombstone from China, welcome to buy Polished Book Headstone With Tassel with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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