Polished Marble Slabs Lead Luxury Trends of the Future

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Stone Mart finds polished marble tile and slabs are a popular choice for luxury homeowners and designers who want to create a clean, modern and contemporary look for their design project.granite countertops

While many people choose natural stone and nature-inspired palettes to create a unique living space, polished marble continues to be a leading trend each season. Stone Mart, one of the leading purveyors of natural and exotic stone, finds polished marble tile and slabs are a popular choice for luxury homeowners and designers who want to create a clean, modern and contemporary look for their design project, or for those who want to accent a living space with a unique twist. Classic looks can be enhanced with marble, and the stone is a fresh addition to the modern, chic and fashion-forward home.

Polished marble adds a luxurious touch to any living space, and can be especially valuable for accenting existing stone decor and flooring. Marble countertops, marble flooring and even marble tile accents help create an attractive, modern ambiance in contemporary design. Industry experts have already put the spotlight on marble stone as one of the top trends of the future, and Stone Mart is catering to the high demand.

The design specialists at Stone Mart explain that 'polished marble is the most popular material for homeowners and designers. Marble takes a high polish, and there are many colors available which makes it a very versatile material. Polished marble can be used in the bathroom, shower, vanity, and other furnishings to create a distinctive look. Since it is such a strong stone, marble tile and flooring is another trend in home design.'

Stone Mart features an extensive collection of polished marble and tile at its exclusive Designer Showroom in California. Visitors to Stone Mart can explore several galleries of marble tile and stone, ask questions about options available, and even place custom orders for imported stone. Stone Mart also offers design advice and consultations for customers who may be thinking about using polished marble for an upcoming design project.

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