Polished granite slabs maintenance

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First clean the granite surface thoroughly to remove the original polished granite slabs maintenance layer to the Italian evercare granite brilliant hard powder water move into mushy coated in the stone material surface polishing pad, with red, use aggravating machine ground in the grinding process right amount water, add a little keep wet ground state.According to the different types and granite degree, 3 to 5 minutes, granite surface occurs repeatedly grinding specular highlight layer with water, either machine will quickly residual ground sucked clean with clear water froze, scraping wash blot, garnish with white cushion for polish fine polishing is cast, granite surface if brightness is new.Some key maintenance: in the doorway channel and pedestrians walking high frequency of location, relatively serious damage to natural, monthly local key maintenance use evercare granite brilliant hard powder YM02 to local grinding, garnish with NCL granite brilliant bright agent 2535 polishing, restore the lobby whole stone feeling.Light color polished granite should be in the granite ground to cast grinding, polishing pad red to prevent black steel wool, make the light color granite pollution.

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