Primary Stone Material in Sweden

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We have introduced the stone industry in Sweden in the last topic. So here we will detail some of the more importants of Sweden for you. Actually, what is principally found in Sweden is basically the granite . And most of the quarries are located in the southwest of Sweden.

Sweden Mahogany

This granite is similar to Dakota Mahogany, which is a material for the world market. It is well known in the United States and the Far East countries.

Vanga Red

This material has been mined since the 1930s, which is mainly applied for facades of the building and in other construction applications. The biggest markets of this Swedish stone material are Poland and China. However, there is appearing a curious phenomenon anywhere that in the stone industry must be of Polish masons working in the quarries of Vanga Red making cobblestones for the Polish market, and this is precisely what was happening during 2011.

Sweden is also known for its black diabase. There are several quarries of this material. Different varieties of blacks have different names. And the biggest application is to produce the funerarys for Europe and Japan. Of course, they command a premium price.
Black Bonnacord

Theion right now is estimated to be around 1800 to 2000 cubic metres annually.

Black Finegrained variety

The main market is China and Japan. Theion is estimated to be around 450 cubic metres annually.

Black Ebony

Except for China and Japan, this material is also exported to Potland. The production is estimated to be around 1300 to 1500 cubic metres annually.

Black Gylsboda

The production is estimated to be around 1300 to 1400 cubic metres per year.

Grey Bohus/ Red Bohus

A grey fine-grained material is familiar in the international markets. There is also a red variety of the material.

The last one is Bararp.

This stone material is similar to Himalayan Blue in Indian, and there are 4 different quarries of the material. It is totally estimated that the production is 4500 cubic metres per year. In recent years, the sales of this material to Germany and France have been increasing.

Besides the, quartzite is located in the middle of the Sweden. Limestone is extracted in small quantities in land and Gotland, or brown-colored and sometimes grey-red.

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