Pros of Travertine Flooring

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Travertine tiles are stylish. Each piece is naturally formed making it one of the most unique flooring. Glossy polished travertine flooring help reflect light more than brushed or tumbled ones.

Travertine tile is very durable. Natural stone is formed through work of earth art and can subdue blemishes, damage or weathering. Travertine tile can overcome scratches, chips, or cracks. However, over time weathering damage may occur. Note for honed and polished tiles, have a greater risk of scratching.

Travertine is easy to repair. Since once a tile is damaged it can be replaced. If installing a new flooring ensure you keep some extra for perfect color matching repairs.

They are long-lasting. Regular maintenance can make you enjoy this flooring for a number of decades. The stone sealing agent can be applied to overcome weathering effects on your flooring.

Travertine flooring provides timeless appeal. It has distinct beauty, timeless appeal and classic appearance with shades of white, tan, gold, rusty red tone, and more uniquely weathered appearance.

Travertine flooring is more affordable than other types of natural stone like marble and granite flooring.

It provides many finish options for you. If you like customized products, travertine tiles have just unlocked your desire. You may choose. polished, honed, tumbled, or brushed finish.

They are naturally non-slippery. They are deal to be installed in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, laundry rooms, or even swimming pools.

They are also resilient to tolerate extreme weather conditions. This makes them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor flooring. They are appropriate as pavers, garden pathways or even retaining walls for your home without fear of damage.

Travertine tiles provide green flooring. Travertine is deposited around geothermally heated hot spring. Therefore need not go through manufacturing processes thus environmentally friendly.

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