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Palimo or Palimanan Stone is a volcanic stone formed by magma which is cooled on the earth's surface. It has relatively high density and clean surface with lower moisture absorption and better abrasion resistance.

This stone which named Palimo or Palimanan due to its origin from Palimanan area in Cirebon, West Java Indonesia, has two basic color, Golden Palimo and White Palimo Golden has a light yellow ginger appearance whereas White Palimo has creamy white appearance.

There are two types of Palimo Stone, RTM and RTS Palimo Stone. RTS has smooth finishing whereas the RTM means Rough finishing. Each type of the stone has each unique and exotic application both interior and exterior.

RTS Palimo is Basalt Colors from Indonesia, welcome to buy RTS Palimo with good quality and price from Indonesia suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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