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Stone Color: Red
Surface Finish: Natural

Reference Price: US$ 0000 / Ton
Shipping Port: FOB Mersin, FOB BND
Minimum Order: 22 Ton
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Delivery Ability: 500 mt

Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used stones for residential and office flooring projects but can also be used as facade material and wall cladding. Because travertine tile is a completely natural stone, no two pieces are exactly alike which will create a very diversive pattern.

Travertine tile will give your space a comfortable and natural look that is unique and will provide timeless beauty while accommodating heavy traffic. In addition, adding a travertine tile floor will very likely increase the value of your home.

The surface of Travertine is pitted with tiny, irregular holes and generally has ribbons or bands of color running through the tile.
Pure, white travertine is rare. More often the stone is colored because iron or naturally occurring organic impurities affected the stone while it was forming. The stone comes in a wide range of warm colors that can work with different design palates. The color could be anywhere from white, cream, tan, brown, golden, or caramel to a yellow, red or gray.

When it comes time to grout you will have to decide on the look you prefer. There are two techniques for grouting the travertine. The naturally existing holes can be Filled or left Unfilled. This is also called Antique Fill or Natural Look. When you plan to fill the holes the grout you select should be color-matched to the tile. The holes can also be filled with dust resin or an epoxy.

Some favor the natural, warm look of the open holes, whereas others fancy the more polished, finished look of the filled holes. Whichever option you choose, the job is made easier by sealing the tiles first before you grout.

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