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Revestimento Pedra Hijau Bruta

Category: Landscaping Stones - Pool Coping     Activity Medium Price   Price

Location: Indonesia 594 Views   Views

Material Type: Quartzite 102 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Green
Surface Finish: Natural

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Update Time: 2019/8/29
Shipping Port: Semarang, Indonesia
Minimum Order: 50 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, PayPal

Packing Details: ISPM Wooden Crate with Styrofoam & Fumigation treatment
Delivery Ability: 25 days per container

Premium Green Sukabumi Stone Rock Face / Pedra Hijau Natural 10x10

If you looking for Green Stone Hijau Natural with high quality standards both in thickness and squareness, Stone Depot can provides you for this.

We using double care quality control to ensure all products are packaged in good condition.

Here's some advantages Why Choose Sukabumi Stone from Us :

- Premium Quality , our Sukabumi stone quality was acceptable by Bulgari Resort & Dubai. For more info about our project in Dubai, please visit our website

- Top Deals at Factory price

- Using water test section : It's beneficial to minimize the bad quality we've got during production process.

- Reject bad material quality

Things That You Should Know About Green Stone Pedra Hijau Lisa

1. Finishing

Bali green stone or also known pedra Hijau have three types of surface's look : Honed, sawn cut and rock face finish.

- Honed : Smooth textured with plain surface

- Sawn Cut : Smooth textured with saw-mark surface.

- Rock Face : Rough textured

2. Dimention

Green sukabumi stone popular cutting size are 100x100x10mm, 100x200x10mm, 150x150x10mm, 200x200x10mm. We can make a custom for dimention according to your request.

3. Application

Green sukabumi stone is great tiles for using as pool tiles, pool coping, bulnosed pool tiles, pool mushroom cladding.

4. Benefits

- Sukabumi Green Stone contains material called Zeolite that able to purify the water from microorganism.

- Anti slip resistant, it's good to safe you kids with using this tiles as swimming pool tiles

- Water good stabilizer

- Absorb less water rate

- Guaranteed quality for technical problem

If you need furter assistance regarding Green Sukabumi Stone, please contact us.

Revestimento Pedra Hijau Bruta is Pool Coping from Indonesia, welcome to buy Revestimento Pedra Hijau Bruta with good quality and price from Indonesia suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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