SIlver Shine Slatestone

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Main Color: Grey
Surface Finish: Natural
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2
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Minimum Order: 1 Container
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P

Packing Details: Packing should be in sea worthy wooden crates/pallets.
Delivery Ability: Frequently

Silver Shine slate is one of dense slate tiles suitable for bother interiors and exterior applications. It is a very distinctive silver gray colored with more or less consistent natural surface except occasional rust patch on the surface. The natural cleft surface is medium rough in case of silver shine slate. It is also one among the special family of slates displaying metallic textures. Silver Shine slate tiles bring in a touch of individuality to your floor / wall and innovative landscaping feature & thus imparting personalized accents to any Home or garden. Honed / polished surfaces of Silver shine slate depict wonderful textures that are so random that a single tile may display several textures within itself. The mica inclusions within the stone also become more visible as solid black flecks and sometime like spears. The honed Silver shine slate also tends to be less colorful depicting largely silver and gray shades in varying tones and silver patterning.

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