Six Differences of Cultured Stone and Natural Stone Veneer

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Beyond how they're created, there are a few important differences between cultured and natural stone materials:

* Availability - Natural stone must be quarried from the earth, which can limit its availability in some regions. Because cultured stone is artificially created and can be customized, different styles and looks are essentially always available.

* Weight - The heavy weight of natural stone adds to its expense and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use on some structures. Cultured stone is lighter than natural stone, making it more versatile for what types of structures it can be installed over.

* Installation process - Cultured stone and thin stone veneer will both require some masonry. Natural stone can be cut or chipped to better fit where it's needed, whereas cultured stone cannot, as the material will be damaged.

* Appearance - Part of the appeal of natural stone is that no two pieces will look the same. Though cultured stone pieces will vary, some may share some similarity in design, based on the casts used to shape the stone. There may be a wider availability of different color and style option of cultured stone, depending on the manufacturer.

* Cost - Cultured stone tends to be less expensive than real stone, though well-designed pieces may be as costly as real stone veneer. The masonry expenses of installation will run about the same.

* Longevity - Natural stone is essentially guaranteed quality for life as the color will not fade and the material is difficult to damage. Cultured stone will fade in color over time when exposed to the elements and may require touch up after a roughly a decade and is easier to damage.

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