Sparkle Black Starlight Quartz Stone

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Stone Color: Black
Surface Finish: Polished

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Slab dimensions
The standard dimensions of slabs are 300 x 140 cm (55 x 118 inches). Jumbo size slabs are also available with dimensions of up to 320 x 160 cm (63 x 126 inches). Standard thicknesses of 2cm (3/4'') and 3cm (1 1/4'') enable a multitude of applications. (Special thicknesses of 1 cm, 1.2 cm can also be available for large commercial orders).

Production process:

(1) Excellent raw materials
(2) Materials mixing
(3) Molding
(4) Pressing materials as slabs under a very high pressure and vacuum condition
(5) Curing at a high temperature
(6) Solidify
(7) Polishing
(8) Inspecting
(9) Slabs cover by plastic film and packing

Engineered Quartz Stone Applications:

Engineered quartz stone is widely used for kitchen tops , countertops , bench tops , worktops ,table tops, island tops, vanity tops, bar tops, office reception desk , bathroom , soap dish , mosaic tiles , backsplashes , shower caddy , curb caps , panels , wall, flooring , and also used for airport , metro , exhibition center , showroom , shopping mall , hotel , etc .

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