Stone Panel Carriers with Cable

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The Stone Panel Carrier with Cable is designed for lifting, carrying and moving sheets from building materials that are large, unwieldy and heavy, such as panels of glass, granite, marble, plywood, particle board etc.
This device significantly reduces stress and the potential injuries to the fingers, wrists and back. It also reduces physical fatigue. The Stone Panel Carrier with Cable works by clamping onto the edge of panels, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the workers who are carrying them. It allows tradespeople to lift and move panels with a straight back, thereby avoiding back injuries.
Finger trigger jaw opening and load release mechanism
Constructed of sturdy lightweight aluminium
Jaws are continuously self-adjusting
High-friction vulcanised rubber gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces of the materials from being damaged or marred
Moulded rubber hand grips
Locks onto panels automatically
Vice-like grip on panels

Stone Panel Carriers with Cable is Lifting and Handling Tools from Vietnam, welcome to buy Stone Panel Carriers with Cable with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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