Stone bonding epoxy adhesive

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Stone bonding epoxy
  It is good use for the bonding and repairing of the natural stones, artificial stones, metals, concretes and glass, bonding edges of granite table, mosaics, splicing marbles, dry fixing, plant steel building, construction sealant, abrasive tools.
  The quality is up to the National Standard GB24264, safety has passed test by REACH, ROHS and LD50 environmental standard.

Stone bonding epoxy list
Product Mixing ratio
weight) Gel.
Tim Viscosity Feature Applicable Scope
KW6910 Stone Structural Epoxy 2:1 10-15min High
Almost no yellowing, free of pigment, easy to be toning, do not change stone color, available in damp conditions
Used for bonding white color stone or no color change required
KW6998 Transparent Stone Structural Epoxy 1:1 10-15min High
Colorless and transparent, high strength, good ageing resistance
Used for bonding countertop
KW6996 Structural Epoxy 1:1 5-10min High
Fast bonding and setting, high bonding strength, water proof, medium resistance
Used for fast bonding of stone
KW6918 Stone Epoxy 1:1 40-60min Medium
Long gel time, filling well and low shrinkage, high bonding strength, light yellow and transparent
multipurpose system
KW6989 Stone Epoxy 1:1 15-20min High
Long gel time, filling well and low shrinkage, high bonding strength, light yellow and transparent
Used for reinforcement of stone
KW6928 Abrasive epoxy 1:1 40-60min High
No sagging, high bonding strength
Used for bonding abrasives
KW6995 Stone consolidation Epoxy 1:1 10-15min Low
High strength,fast curing
Used for bonding slab,slat,engineering panels

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